The Benefits of Our Treatment Process

Our specialized chlorine dioxide water treatment process passes along great benefits to the customer that help their site run more efficiently. Our process is in line with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), as well as other state and government regulatory agencies.


Transfer groups and well site owners can tell you, chlorine dioxide treated sites have a greater inherent value than sites that have incurred souring, corrosion or other environmental issues. Chlorine dioxide, used expertly, provides a better solution than non-oxidizing biocide solutions that still exist in the marketplace.


Water interacting with CIO2 inside our mobile trailer/laboratory. Water interacting with CIO2 inside our mobile trailer/laboratory.


If the value of the well site wasn’t enough motivation, consider that SnS servicing with CIO2 technology is safer than some biocide solutions that are unstable, can catch fire, and worse – not leave the water better off than before treatment. Safe use of the chemicals isn’t all – we operate with a safe process, work habits, and safety-centric trailer.

Data-logging and Communication

Our trailer and laboratory have full capabilities for computational data acquisition so that data can be saved, graphed and analyzed. Our customers can access this data easily via an on-board wireless (Wi-Fi) streaming signal.

Cost Effective

With the combination of SnS technology and efficiency of Chlorine Dioxide Technology, the water treatment process can very precisely control dosages impacting the bottom line. CIO2 is extremely fast-acting and results can be continuously monitored in real time with our equipment. Older, conventional biocides are slow and downhole corrosion and fouling can occur before you know there’s a problem. The application of CIO2 as a water treatment can be accurately proven and documented, saving costs on testing after water reclamation.